Halloween Picture Books

The Bad Seed Presents: The Good, the Bad, and the Spooky (The Food Group) by Jory John

It is Halloween, Mr. Seed’s favorite holiday! But Mr. Seed is in a baaaaaad mood. Halloween is not the same this year. He and his friends are older, and he worries about competing with their costumes. So, he has not decided on one yet. Postponing Halloween till tomorrow night sounds like a good trick to give Mr. Seed more time to choose a costume. Will Mr. Seed’s scheme fool everyone, or will he make the right decision?

Author: Jory John
Writing Style: absurd, witty
Illustrators: Pete Oswald and Saba Joshaghami
Illustrations: funny, engaging, fall palette, anthropomorphic
Themes: managing a bad mood and a bad attitude, reflection, mistakes
Publishing Year: 2021
Publisher: Harper
Ages: 4 – 8
Lexile: Not Yet Rated

Cookie Boo by Ruth Paul

Seven spooky cookies get out of their tin on Halloween. They boo their way through the neighborhood and scare everything they meet. These spooky cookies just want to have some fun. Will they escape the Little Monster that says they are his to eat?

Author and Illustrator: Ruth Paul
Writing Style: rhythmic, silly, whimsical
Illustrations: cute, anthropomorphic, purple, blue, and orange tones
Themes: learning rhymes, following patterns, monsters
Publishing Year: 2020
Publisher: Harper Festival
Ages: 4 – 8
Lexile: Not Yet Rated

Eenie Meenie Halloweenie by Susan Eaddy

A lovely wide-eyed little girl uses her imagination to make her Halloween costume. Her dress-up trunk is full of do-it-yourself ideas. She could be an elephant, a monkey, or a polar bear. Which one of her homemade creations will choose for Halloween?

Author: Susan Eaddy
Writing Style: cheerful, rhythmic, not scary
Illustrator: Lucy Fleming
Illustrations: pretty, colorful, warm
Themes: creativity, do-it-yourself, dress-up, independent play
Publishing Year: 2020
Publisher: Harper
Ages: 4 – 8
Lexile: Not Yet Rated

She Wanted to Be Haunted by Marcus Ewert

Clarissa, an adorable pink cottage, is bored with her delightfulness. She wants to be haunted. She wishes she could be more like her father, a scary castle where vampires live, or her mother, a witch’s nasty hut. So, Clarissa attempts to change her cute appearance to attract the perfect spooky housemates.

Author: Marcus Ewert
Writing Style: humorous, original, rhythmic with advanced vocabulary, a bit dark
Illustrator: Susie Ghahremani
Illustrations: bright and dark colors, anthropomorphic
Themes: self-acceptance, appearances, being yourself, haunted houses
Publishing Year: 2020
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Ages: 4 – 8
Lexile: Not Yet Rated

It’s Halloween, Little Monster by Helen Ketteman

It is Little Monster’s first Halloween, and he is nervous about scary things. His Papa guides him through their neighborhood to trick or treat. They encounter a witch offering cups of worm juice, a creepy vampire, zombies in chains, and other spooky creatures. The last house is the scariest one. Will Little Monster be brave enough to go?

Author: Helen Ketteman
Writing Style: rhythmic, spooky, easy
Illustrator: Bonnie Leick
Illustrations: watercolor, cute, detailed
Themes: overcoming fear, being brave, parental guidance
Publishing Year: 2020
Publisher: Two Lions
Ages: 4 – 8
Lexile: Not Yet Rated

How to Build a Haunted House by Frank Tupta

A vampire family in need of a new house before sunrise moves to a ghost town. Frankenstein, werewolf loggers, witches, skeletons, and other monsters work hard together to make it happen despite a few hilarious messes.

Author: Frank Tupta
Writing Style: rhythmic, amusing
Illustrator: Kyle Beckett
Illustrations: digital art, hilarious, expressive, dark and bright tones
Themes: monsters, haunted houses, construction, working together
Publishing Year: 2020
Publisher: Two Lions
Ages: 4 – 8
Lexile: Not Yet Rated

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