January: Featured Pictures Books

The Book of Rules: A Picture Book by Brian Gehrlein

Children must follow the rules because Dennis the monster will eat them if they don’t. Follow the rules, and you are safe!

Author: Brian Gehrlein
Writing Style: hilarious, encouraging, joyful, fun, interactive
Illustrator: Tom Knight
Illustrations: funny, engaging, diverse, lively, colorful
Themes: getting the sillies out, mindfulness, following rules
Publishing Year: 2021
Publisher: Farrar Strays Giroux
Ages: 4 – 8
Lexile: Not Yet Rated

XO, Exoplanet by Deborah Underwood

The planets in our solar system make a new friend, an exoplanet, and they get into the mother of all arguments about who is the real exoplanet (or exoplanets). But the planets learn some things are a matter of perspective.

Author: Deborah Underwood
Writing Style: funny, argumentative, creative
Illustrator: Jorge Lacera
Illustrations: vibrant, funny, digital cartoons
Themes: planets, exoplanet, perspective, friendship, STEM, differences
Publishing Year: 2021
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Ages: 4 – 8
Lexile: Not Yet Rated

Bloop by Tara Lazar

To become the next emperor of Planet XYZ, a small green alien named Bloop first has to conquer Earth. He notices that dogs are in charge, so he becomes the best dog ever, and in the process, discovers his forever home.

Author: Tara Lazar
Writing Style: hilarious, original, silly
Illustrator: Mike Boldt
Illustrations: digital cartoons, bright colors, goofy, diverse, expressive
Themes: family, new home, aliens
Publishing Year: 2021
Publisher: Harper
Ages: 4 – 8
Lexile: 560L

Jet the Cat (Is Not a Cat) by Phaea Crede

Jet, the cat, loves swimming like any other cat. But wait, her fellow animal friends argue cats don’t enjoy swimming. What kind of cat is Jet?

Author: Phaea Crede
Writing Style: silly, funny
Illustrator: Terry Runyan
Illustrations: digital cartoons, bright colors, expressive
Themes: cats, differences, friendship, self-discovery
Publishing Year: 2021
Publisher: Barefoot Books
Ages: 4 – 8
Lexile: Not Yet Rated

Bella’s Recipe for Success by Ana Siquiera

Bella wants to figure out what she is good at doing. Her first attempt at baking polvorones with dulce de leche does not work out. Bella realizes that practicing her baking skills is a must before reaching success.

Author: Ana Siquiera
Writing Style: encouraging, includes Spanish words, pleasant
Illustrator: Geraldine Rodríguez
Illustrations: digital cartoons, bright colors, expressive, diverse
Themes: multi-generational, determination, practice, success, talents, baking
Publishing Year: 2021
Publisher: Beaming Books
Ages: 4 – 8
Lexile: Not Yet Rated

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