Picture Books for Black History Month and All Year Long

Brilliant Bea by Shaina Rudolph and Mary Vukadinovich

Brilliant Bea has a way with words but reading and writing are complicated because she has dyslexia. Ms. Bloom, her very kind teacher, give Bea a tape recorder to tell her stories. The tape recorder, a new friend, and a different approach to learning help Bea realize she can become who she is meant to be.

Listen by Gabi Snyder

In this gorgeous and lyrical picture book, a biracial girl listens carefully to the sounds around her throughout the day. It is an ode to mediation and mindfulness amid a noisy world.

One Step Further: My Story of Math, the Moon, and a Lifelong Mission by Katherine Johnson, Jaylette Hylick, and Katherine Moore

In the only autobiographical picture book of the Hidden Figures hero, Katherine Johnson and her daughters narrate how she broke barriers by helping NASA send astronauts to the moon with her mathematical calculations and became an activist for women and African Americans equal rights.

Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall

Jabari is excited and thinks he is ready to jump off the diving board, but his fears start getting the best of him. He overcomes his fears with the encouragement of his loving father.

Jabari Tries by Gaia Cornwall

Jabari is building a machine in his backyard, and he does not want any help from his little sister, Nika. After several attempts and talking with his patient father, Jabari learns about determination and teamwork.

Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry

In this beautiful ode to natural hair and the relationship between fathers and daughters, Zuri has hair with a mind of its own. Daddy offers his help doing Zuri’s hair for a special day, but he must practice until he does the perfect hairstyle.

Sulwe by Lupita Nyong’o

Sulwe’s skin is the color of midnight, unlike her family and classmates. She wants to have lighter skin so that she can feel beautiful. After a magical journey at night and listening to the story of Day and Night, Sulwe feels gorgeous inside and out.

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