#SpringFlingKidLit 2022 Contestant

It is my first year participating in the #SpringFlingKidLit Writing Contest, hosted by Ciara O’Neal and Kaitlyn Sanchez. I am excited with joy about it, as I love flowers and butterflies. The prizes are awesomeeeee. Thanks to the wonderful donors! Please follow all the contest’s rules here if you wish to participate.

Below is the Spring gif that I chose for this contest and my entry, Harmony in the Blooms Garden.

From Tenor

Harmony in the Blooms Garden

By Yolimari García

148 words

Everything was sunshine and petals in the Blooms Garden until Rosa’s beauty got to her head.

“I’m the prettiest flower,” Rosa boasts. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

We were friends.

We danced with the butterflies.

Now we keep to ourselves.

“I’m tired of Rosa’s attitude,” Lili whispers.

“I feel ugly,” Margarita says.

“I don’t talk to her anymore,” I add.

We throw a Spring Party.

“Where’s Rosa?” Queen Butterfly asks.

“We didn’t invite her,” I respond. “She’s mean.”

Queen Butterfly calls all the blooms. “Let’s settle this dilemma.”

“You only talk about your looks,” Margarita mutters.

“We feel ugly next to you,” Lili says.

Rosa cries. “Is that why I didn’t receive an invitation?”

“Yes,” I respond.

“I’m sorry,” Rosa stutters between tears.

“We’re sorry for not inviting you,” I say. “That wasn’t nice.”

The Blooms Garden shines with harmony once again.

We are friends.

We dance with the butterflies.

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