#FallWritingFrenzy 2022 Contest Entry: The Anjana

I have been waiting for a whole year for my favorite writing contest: #FallWritingFrenzy! It is my second time being a contestant, and last year I was fortunate to be one of the winners with my entry A Different Kind of Magic. Editor extraordinaire Erin Siu selected my entry, and I won a picture book critique, which was a wonderful and illuminating experience.

I want to thank Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis for hosting this fabulous contest for the past years and Alyssa Reynoso-Morris for being a judge this year.

My 200-word entry this year was inspired by my Cantabrian ancestors’ roots. Below is the image I selected to bring to life my story, The Anjana.

Fall- Credit: John Mccann for Unsplash

The Anjana


Cantabria, Spain

I had no doubt I was lost. Mud, sweat, and dry leaves covered my dress. Mamá was going to be furious. My brothers were probably riding their horses, searching for me.

My rumbling stomach rejoiced when I saw the striking red berries adorning needle-like branches. I collected a handful and was about to devour them when a melodious voice startled me.

“I wouldn’t eat that,” said the voice. “The yew tree is deadly poisonous.”

“Who is there?” I asked as I dropped the berries.

She came out from behind the flaky tree trunk, stunning me with her beauty. Bright like the stars, her big black slanted eyes exuded serenity. A garland of wildflowers crowned her long midnight hair. She wore a white silk tunic and a blue cape and held a luminous staff.

“Who are you?” I asked anxiously.

“I’m Lucía, the Anjana who protects this forest,” she said calmly. “You’re lost. I’ll take you home.”

I woke up from a slumber to my oldest brother’s cries. “I found Rosalía! Here!”

I was lying on a bed of autumn purple leaves under an oak tree. I sat and looked down, confused at my dress. It was clean.


3 thoughts on “#FallWritingFrenzy 2022 Contest Entry: The Anjana

  1. Yolimari: Your story is SO VIVIDLY beautiful and haunting. Your language TRULY brings the reader right there on that leaf-strewn path. I felt transported.


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