#PBCritiqueFest 2022

Brian Gerhlein, the author of The Book of Rules (which is awesomeeeee), is the host of #PBCritiqueFest. The fest consists of a 32-picture book critique giveaway! Each participant gets the option to log up to 200 additional entries by supporting fellow authors and illustrators, which is a fantastic model.

I was one of the winners last year, and it was a wonderful experience! I won a critique from agent Jennifer Herrington. To read more about my positive experience, check out the 2021 Winner Testimonials.

If you still need to register for #PBCritique Fest 2022, you still have some time to do so! Go to Brian Gerhlein’s website, Picture Book Spotlight, and follow the rules and complete as many entries as possible before October 31st 8PM CST to increase your chances of winning a prize!

Good luck! Happy Halloween!


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