Book Review of Dino Pajama Party by Laurie Wallmark

As a historian and a picture book enthusiast, I love dinosaurs. So when it was time for me to pick my #50PreciousWords prize (I was one of the ’22 winners), it was a no-brainer to choose Laurie Wallmark’s Dino Pajama Party. She was super nice and sent me the book right away, and she even signed it and included cool bookmarks.

Different kinds of dinos gather to rock and roll and boogie their way along the street to a gathering. At the outdoors party, dinos strum and drum to the rocking sound. They also shake and quake till the sun sets. Sore and tired from all that rocking, the sleepy dinos go to bed.

Dino Pajama Party, written by Laurie Wallmark and illustrated by Michael Robertson, is an excellent bedtime story, perfect for tiring the children before bed. Wallmark’s rhymes are easy and fun, while Roberston’s digital illustrations display lively dinosaurs in pajamas with a bold color palette. I recommend this vibrant picture book to fans of dinosaurs, music, and dancing. As a librarian, I believe it is great for a dinosaur storytime that includes lots of movement.


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